The Savi® 700-series wireless headset will intelligently manage your PC-, mobile-, and desk-phone calls, and automatically update your UC presence status* so that colleagues can see your availability. It can also connect with up to three other Savi headsets on a call, and has a wireless roaming range of up to 120 metres. The headsets feature wideband audio and DSP for high quality, natural sounding call clarity and a single charge of the batteries provides up to nine hours talk time. Once you experience a Savi 700 headset system you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. * With supported softphones, using supplied Plantronics software.
Savi 700 series
One intelligent headset to manage your PC, mobile and desk phone calls.
Can be worn in more different ways than any other wireless headset system on the market.
Wireless range of up to 120 metres.
One-touch call answer; hang-up; volume control, and mute and flash controls across devices.
Automatically routes calls to whichever device – mobile phone or headset – is within easy reach.
Transfer audio from headset to mobile phone at the touch of a button, and take calls on the move.
UC presence and status is automatically updated when on a PC, mobile or desk phone call.
Adaptive power system delivers longer talk and standby times.
Don’t just manage calls – conference-in up to three additional Savi® headsets with advanced audio mixing.
Automatically subscribe a new headset to a base simply by docking the headset.
Voice-dedicated DECT™ technology eliminates Wi-Fi interference.
Advanced wideband audio using CAT-iq technology.
Noise-cancelling microphone filters out background noise.
Enhanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology provides more natural sounding voice.
SoundGuard™ technology provides protection against sudden loud noises.
Up to 9 hours talk time on a single charge (W710/ W720).
Backed by Plantronics industry-leading global service and support.
Specific to Savi 710 and Savi 720
Built in protection against long-term noise exposure, and sudden sounds.
– Soundguard® DIGITAL™ protects against sudden high sound levels and prevents average noise level from exceeding 85dBA
Specific to Savi 730
Elegant magnetic headset docking
Specific to Savi
Lightest DECT™ wireless headset on the market.
Versatile, convertible headset with three comfortable wearing styles.
Hot swappable battery* for unlimited talk time.
Elegant magnetic headset docking.
* Additional battery sold separately.


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