Twig Protector Ex

//Twig Protector Ex

Twig Protector Ex

Brief technical data 

•Shockproof case
•Waterproof (IP67)
•Dedicated large SOS button •Preprogrammed Quick dialling
•Answer / End call / Reject
•Clear display for device status and operation •Dimensions: 19mm x 47mm x 99mm •Weight: 80g incl battery

•Quad-band GSM (850/900/1800/1900) •Operating temperature -20°C..+40°C*** •Standard battery Li-pol 1300 mAh •Stand-by time Up to 11 days (no GPS) •Op. time with GPS up to:*

•5 days (1 position/hr)
•24hr (1 position/s)
•18hr ( 4 pos/min sent via GPRS) •Charging time <3hr for 100%

•High performance A-GPS receiver •Advanced power saving options

•Motion based GPS control •Positioning compatibility

Protector Ex


II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4

Sales package consists of: •Protector Ex GPS/GSM unit •Integrated 1300 mAh battery •Mains charger

•Printed quick guide

ATEX- approved:
•II 2 G Ex ib IIB T4
•VTT 10 ATEX 016X
•Zone 1 Category II Gas, intrinsically

safe, temperature class 4

Twig Protector Ex

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Protector Ex
Intrinsically Safe and Rugged Protection Device (ATEX)
The TWIG Protector Ex is the ultimate GPS/GSM personal protection and surveillance device, designed to protect lone workers in explosive hazardous areas.
Small and light, the Protector Ex has been designed in collaboration with the foremost protection and safety specialists from a wide range of industries.

You can  locate the Protector Ex with any smart phone that can pick a web link from SMS and show it on browser with Google maps.

Lone Worker Protection 

Built-in, Man-Down-Alert functionality includes a user-operated alarm button and automated emergency messaging. In the case of a fall or non-movement accelerometer functionality within the device automatically transmits its location and calls to predefined number alerting emergency rescue services.

Personal Protection 

The Protector can be used to ensure personal safety and security. A panic button can be pressed in case of emergency and information on position, direction and speed of movement is sent immediately to a predefined number, establishing communication.


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